OREIT Tech Section
(Outreach, Recreation, Environmental Education 
& Interpretation Technical Section)

Chair - Janine Kohn, MNDNR


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Fishing line & shotgun shell recycling containers created by:
Friends of the Refuge Headwaters & 
Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge - Winona District Refuge - 
Assembly Instructions -

Educational Resources


Field Trip Earth
Flying Wild
GIS for Kids
Glogster EDU
Great Migrations 
How to Smile
Let's Go Outside! 

Learn About Conservation
Nature Rocks 
National Park Service
Project WET
Project Wild
Protected Planet
US Fish & Wildlife Service
US Geological Survey
WET in the City


Arkive’s Wildlife Images
A-Z of Areas of Biodiversity Importance
Cultural Relevant Resources for Env.Sci. Inst.
Dichotomous Key Resources 
Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center
Expedition Blue Planet 2010
Exploration of Mississippi River -Activity Guide 
Fire Ecology and Management
Geography Awareness Week 2010: Freshwater
Global Visualization Viewer
Great Lakes Literacy Principles
How Much Is an Ecosystem Worth?
Intl. Electronic Journal of Env. Education
Marine Debris Calendars (Contact) 
Mississippi River Learning&Teaching (WI DNR)
Natl. Env. Education Week April 10-16, 2011
Nonpoint Source Outreach Toolbox
One Species at a Time
Recreation Boating & Fishing Foundation 
Respected Access
Wetland Courses for Educators
Wetland Ecosystem Services
Wisconsin’s Great Lakes Shipwrecks
Weed Invasion(curriculum)

UMR Watershed Canoe/Kayak Trail Information

The Upper Mississippi and its tributaries offer plenty of opportunities for many hours of paddling fun. 
Backwaters and tributary water trails provide a convenient way to reconnect with wonders of nature. While the Ol' Miss main channel and larger side channels are often dominated on weekends and holidays by powerboats throwing big waves, weekdays and evenings can be relatively quiet and offer an opportunity for a quick get-away in your kayak or canoe.

From short day trips to overnight adventures, the following links will help guide you to an appropriate water trail near you. No matter what your skill level, be sure to check out the canoe safety web pages so you can return home safe and sound to plan your next paddling experience.